RATIO ET MOTUS  Launched in 2018 by Angela Wang and Daniel Li in New York. The brand focuses on creating fine leather goods in classic style with a modern twist. The brand aims to produce products with longevity in mind, utilizing Italian craftmanship and considered design details. 


RATIO ET MOTUS - “Sense and Emotion” in Latin. The brand’s design philisophy attends to finding the equilibrium between the two cerebral elements and we are inspired by people who embody such balance in life.





We care about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. The sustainable responsibility is carried out through our business practices. 

We only source leather from local Italian tanneries with a mission of low carbon footprint, minimum toxic wastage, low water consumption and ethical supply chain.

All leather used on our products are by-product from the meat industry and our water repellent lining is made of Vegan leather. 

All customized hardwares are made of nickle-free plating.